FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition 4.21

FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition 4.21: FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition Web search software for you PC. WebSearch Visual Edition has the same award winning Lighting-Fast search engine as FirstStop WebSearch Standard Edition and the advanced features of FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe edition, plus the all-NEW FirstStop WebSearch Visualization technology. Powered by the award winning multi-search source engine that powers what has been called the FASTEST no-nonsense search for the net, FirstStop WebSearch Visual Edition also: filters, verifies, aggregates

FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe Edition 4.21: 'Lighting-Fast' Web search software that searches leading engines all at once.
FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe Edition 4.21

WebSearch Deluxe Edition searches leading search engines all at once, providing "Lighting-Fast" results. FirstStop WebSearch Deluxe Edition, filters, verifies, aggregate and integrate results in a single merged, ordered textual list, obtaining only relevant results with the help of automatic validation and duplicates removal. This award winning, customizable multi-search engine software has been described as the FASTEST no-nonsense meta search for

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All-In-One WebSearch 1.0: Use search engines, encyclopedias, dictionary, bit torrent sites with one  click
All-In-One WebSearch 1.0

WebSearch brings a simple solution to most your daily search requirements. Whether you would like to search a term using Google, Yahoo, or MSN search engines, conduct image or news searches, look up a term in encyclopedia or dictionary, or search for a Bit Torrent file, you can do so with one click using All-In-One WebSearch. Using multiple search services has never been easier! And the best thing is that you can minimize All-In-One WebSearch to

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FirstStop WebSearch Business Edition 5.0.3: Desktop software that makes intensive web search operations more productive.
FirstStop WebSearch Business Edition 5.0.3

FirstStop WebSearch increases Web searchers` productivity by allowing them to do the things they cannot do with standard search engines. * Search multiple engines all at once. * Save and export search results to office and web applications. * Get all available search results in a single list instead of only 10 or 20 per page. * Automatically conduct batch searches. * Additional search engines and features can be added on request.

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FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3: Lightning fast multi engine web search and information discovery.
FirstStop WebSearch Free Edition 5.0.3

FirstStop WebSearchâ„¢ Free Edition is an incredibly fast and easy to use software that uses multiple search engines to search a myriad of web sites simultaneously for a more comprehensive Internet experience. It provides a wonderful way for you and your family to search the web for school, work, or just for fun. * Search multiple engines all at once. * Quickly identify the most appropriate search results. * Keep your searches organized.

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DeskoverX 1.2: The Desktop Information and Animation Center. Calendar, Earth Sim, Slideshow ...
DeskoverX 1.2

The Desktop Information and Animation Center. Replace your Wallpaper with a Calendar, Websearch Tools or Browsers. Admire a stunning Earth Simulation, thousands of Webcams, Slideshows or unique combinations of all of this. Integrate a calendar into your desktop that can remind you of dates or appointments. Have online search tools always available. Display a webbrowser that can shuffle through a list of websites, e.g. news or weather sites.

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